Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rock Climbing @ Turahalli

I got a mail from Mr. Suresh from Angel Adventures on 4th regarding a Rock Climbing planned on 10th at Turahalli, which is around 30 km from Bangalore. I have never done such a thing before, so wanted to join them. Since I didn't want to go alone, asked by gang whether they are interested in joining. The answer as a "no way" from most of them due to various reasons, like JK is almost 'side' (sorry for those who are not familiar with the usage), CM is not in a mood to think of rock climbing, Rashmi was worried about the wind at the top of the hill, ... Some brave ppl didn't even bother to reply ;) So finally two brave ppl from the group (Sid & myself) decided - 'Let's do it'. So just called up Suresh to inform that we are in. He told the pick-up point is in front of 'Family Mart' on Kanakpura road - at 7:00 am sharp.

At 6:30 AM, I was in the office. Called up Sid, but no response. He must be on his way. Filled petrol & check air. By then Sid reached and we started. At 6:55 am, we are in front of family mart. Waited for 10 minutes, nobody turned out. Called up Suresh. He was surprised - it seems that nobody called them up in the previous evening to confirm the trip, so he thought that nobody would be coming. Mistake from our side - we were thinking that the program is anyway on, so no need to call them up in advance !! He said he'll be there in half an hour. To utilise the time effectively, we decided to have breakfast ..

We didn't mind the wating, hoping the program will not let us down. Suresh reached by 8:30 pm, accompanied by another instructor and a kid (his son, 2.5 yrs old). Thus started our trip to Turahalli.

Turahalli is around 10 km from Family Mart. We reached the place in half an hour. The program was basically to understand the different techniqes used for rock climbing and practice them. They took us to different types of rock formations and we tried climbing them. Checkout this Turahalli Album for more photos.

The kid was very enthusiastic throughout. Suresh told he likes to go out with him and loves to do all these. He want to climb evry rock !! Suresh also encourages him to do everything his own.

After the rock climbing lessons we tried rapelling, which I liked. Rock climbing was little difficult for me, since my hands are not strong enough to hold my body weight. Also, in the first attempt itself, I got many scratches in my hand, which made the subsequent climbs difficult. But Sid was thoroughly enjoying it.

We concluded the session by 2:30, and returned. Later in the evening, I realised that such a wonderful program came with a price. My upper part of the body was paining a lot, and it is still there even after two days ...


Anonymous said...

Wow...Loved the pics :)

Really sorry I missed it :(

Krishna said...

No problem. You can join me for the next trip ;)