Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend Trip to Salzburg & Prien am Chiemsee

I am now at Munich, Germany for a training. In fact I came to Berlin three weeks back and here, on friday evening.

Was planning for a 2 day trip to Salzburg hoping to cover 'Sound of Music Tour', Ice caves & salt mines. However, the trip was cut short to one day which covered a walk around Salzburg & the 'Sound of Music Trip'. It was raining all the day (not too heavy), which made the scenery a little dull and reduced our mobility. Still, it was very nice trip, except that we didn't get too many photos ;(( Dhanya's camera which I was carrying went on strike, thanks to the cold climate.

For the next day, we made great plans in the night. By the time we got up in the moring, it was already half past 7 O' clock. Rushed through the morning formalities, reached the station by 9, 7 obviously missed the 8:48 train too. Got the next train by 9:42 and reached Prien by 10:50. The small narrow gage train took us to the harbour, and reached the island in the next boat.

It was a short trip which lasted around 15 mts (?, sorry I really don't remember the time ;) ) . It was raining on and off, and three of us shared two umbrellas. It was cold & windy, and I was the only one in the whole island who didn't have a jacket ;((( I was almost freezed, still went around the island. We roamed around till 4 in the evening. As you can see in the photos ( check my Flickr photos), it was lush green around. The clowdy atmos & the light drizzle added a great charm to that. & That's when you realise how pathetic the point-and-shoots with slow lenses really are (I did'nt mean your digicam, CM. Even I have a slower, stupider digicam now - Nikon coolpix L3).