Thursday, December 21, 2006

Get Together @ Ferns for Theresa's B'Day


Mail from Aji on Oct 24, 2006:

Hi friends,
We would be delighted if you could join us with family for the first birthday celebration of our daughter, Teresa Mary on the 29th of October. Do come and share our happiness and help make the occasion memorable.

Time : 12.00pm, the Sunday 29th of October
Venue: Ferns Habitat Club house, Ferns habitat layout, Doddanekundi, Near Marathahalli

With best regards,
Aji & Anju

Now some excerpts from the replys (no names provided, but you-know-who-said-these...):

"A long term *pending* get together happening now. Cheers :)"
"Thanks for the invitation. I hope, we will get a cumulative party, once we reach there!! Convey our best wishes to Teresa"
"Does cousin form part of family? ;)"

Thus a group from our friends circle gathered at the above place to celebrate Theresa's birthday, and that was a very nice gettogether for all of them after quite a long time. Unfortunately, I missed the occasion, since I was at home on a long vecasion. Some people who couldn't make it gave explanation later, like this guy:

"Krishna was on leave in Kerala...Thale divasam vellathhinte overdose aayathinaal I couldnt make it either :(" - Again, you-know-who ;)

And finally came the "Thank you" note from Aji.

it was a good gathering. Most of our classmates turned up. Dhakan couldn't join since he had to go to Kerala. Sachin's case is already self confessed (Ivanokke valu vachu kidakkan kanda samayam !!!!) .Krishna is in Kerala. Shahul said he couldn't join since his baby was creating some troubles :-). Undu, we missed you very much !!!!

Some people like Birju & Feby , they are missing in the photo since they left early.
Thanks a lot to all for making this occasion very much memorable !


So that's all about the celebration (that I know about. Others please add to this). And my belated happy birthday wishes to dear Teressa. You can find more snaps here.

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Fahima said...

Ehen gettogethers happen please send the snaps to me too