Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Journey alone - Part 1

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I was thinking about a trip alone for quite a long time. That was part of my new set of resolutions to overcome my inhibitions. Well, the timing of the trip was just perfect and neither my friends nor my brother could join me for the trip. So I packed light and started on my YBX. This was my first bike, now almost 7 years old, and maintained well by my brother now. I never had a problem with this bike and I still love the instant pick-up.

Well, that's about my companion. Now about the place. That was already decided - Vagamon in Idukki district. This place is around 160 km from my place. The road goes via Angamaly, Perumbavoor, Moovattupuzha, Pala, Erattupetta & then to Vagamon. After the first 50 km, the terrain changes slowly to hilly, and after words the road became steeper. That's when I really started loving my bike. It was really fun riding this one - I could comfortably ride in 3rd & 4th gear when I see others struggle to negotiate the steep climbs.

Since the travel was in the middle of the monsoon, most of the time it was raining heavily. I should have started early from home so that I could reach there by afternoon. But I started by 12 noon, & reached Vagamon by 5 in the evening, with lot of stops in between.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Am I looking cute?

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Wondering who is this? Well, she is Vishnu Priya, my sweet daughter. She is just 10 months old now. Already started talking in her own language, loves to travel a lot and hates to take medicines.